‘Lunar Energy
is offering qualifying investors an opportunity to invest in a new and revolutionary technology which will produce reliable, low cost electricity from the earth’s natural tidal systems’



William Law - Founder & Chairman of Lunar Energy


Lunar Energy – Harnessing Tidal Power for the 21st Century

Lunar Energy was set up to commercially exploit the explicit need for new, commercial and environmentally benign sources of renewable energy. The founder of the company – William Law (see Key Personnel) – identified that there were sound commercial reasons to examine prospects in the marine renewables sector. His considerable experience in wind, biomass, small hydro and gas powered energy projects led him to concentrate on tidal stream technology. After extensive research and being unable to find an appropriate, existing technology to invest in, Mr Law decided to define his own technology parameters that would be essential to underpin the commercial success of a company operating in this sector. The technological requirements were summarised as: Simple (and Robust), Invisible, Economic and with a Predictable energy source as well as Predictable O&M costs. Mr Law then went in search of an adaptable technology or a company to develop it. Rotech Engineering were appointed at the end of 2001 to develop the first generation of turbine a result of their considerable experience in R & D in the fields of oil, gas and sub-sea engineering with particular expertise in fluid dynamics. Rotech brought a deep knowledge of sea based engineering technology and became responsible for the technical aspects of the original turbine.

Lunar Energy recognised in 2010 that its turbine design needed to be reworked and that the cost of installation using heavy-lift vessels was a critical weakness in the overall concept. Subsequently, Lunar Energy has designed a new turbine known as the Lunar Tidal Turbine (LTT) and patents have been applied for with a publication date expected in 2014 for a device to generate electrical power from a flowing stream of water. Other patents are currently being processed.

Income stream will flow into Lunar Energy from 6 main sources:

  • From the supply of LTT technology and project services.
  • From project management fees as each sub-sea tidal energy farm is developed.
  • From development/consultancy fees as well as worldwide joint ventures.
  • From the sale of its % share of the power produced by each offshore tidal energy farm.
  • From the income generated from the value of Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) in the UK.
  • From the income generated from the value of Levy Exemption Certificates (LECs) in the UK.

Predictable, Invisable, Economic Text