‘Lunar Energy
is offering qualifying investors an opportunity to invest in a new and revolutionary technology which will produce reliable, low cost electricity from the earth’s natural tidal systems’



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lunar energy 'Renewable energy has a key role to play in reducing carbon emissions and achieving security of supply.'
Energy White Paper - May 2007

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‘As the international dimension to security of supply becomes more important … the International Energy Strategy sets out our international objectives … to improve the take up of renewable energy and a more efficient use of energy globally’
Second Annual Report – Energy White Paper July 2005

Increasing global population, continued economic growth, an explosion in energy demands from China and Asia – global energy needs rising not falling. Climate change caused by the past and future use of fossil fuels. The need to invest in new, benign and carbon neutral energy platforms is unassailable.

lunar energy

We recognise Scotland’s massive natural renewable energy resource, which has the potential to be very valuable for Scotland. However connection to the National Grid is crucial to the long term viability of the Scottish renewables industry, and improvements to the network are particularly important for green energy projects in the Highlands & Islands. As providing clean, sustainable energy climbs higher up the agenda, we at The Crown Estate are committed to supporting and nurturing the industry.

(Alasdair Rankin, Head of Marine Business Development Scotland at The Crown Estate)
lunar energy 'The UK has a significant tidal energy resource which could make a major contribution to the UK's supply of renewable energy...'
Energy White Paper - May 2007
‘Renewable energy can be generated from tidal power, wind, wave … These forms of generation offer an enormous potential resource, particularly in the UK where our coastline provides extensive opportunities to use wind, wave and tidal power.’
Energy White Paper 2003

As the global economy moves – of necessity – to a new low carbon economy there are major opportunities being created for UK business to be at the forefront of the creation of a global energy industry that takes its base product from renewables rather than fossil fuels. With the high engineering skill levels already existing within the offshore oil & gas industries the UK is currently ideally placed to become a world leader in this new global marketplace.

The founders of Lunar Energy believe this represents an attractive investment proposition in a high growth market.

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