‘Lunar Energy
is offering qualifying investors an opportunity to invest in a new and revolutionary technology which will produce reliable, low cost electricity from the earth’s natural tidal systems’






Invisible from the surface the LTT is intentionally engineered to have a minimal environmental impact as well as maximum application worldwide – especially in areas of high velocity tidal flows.

LTT’s are intended to be positioned in areas of predictable, high velocity tidal flows and will be placed at a depth where they will not have any influence on shipping. This point was positively commented on in relation to Lunar Energy in the EPRI North American Tidal In Stream Conversion Feasibility Study as well as their San Francisco Tidal Power Plant Assessment. Furthermore a DTI feasibility study into the development of tidal turbines in Orkney in Scotland concluded that the environmental impact on fishing, transport routes, MOD property and other environmental factors would be minimal.

Environmental impact assessments have been prepared by Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen) and these indicate that the LTT’s are likely to affect only a small area of the seabed with an unobtrusive installation process. Moreover it was felt that in the faster tidal flows the seabed is likely to be ‘scoured’ with only the hardiest and fastest moving marine life existing there. In the same way that fish and mammals are deterred by the noise of a ships propeller it was felt that they would also be aware of the low level noise from the LTT turbine.The impact assessment concluded – “Overall with respect to present knowledge it can be concluded that the system in question has no significant detrimental environmental impact.”

A further examination of the environmental impact of both tidal stream and wave technology is contained within the Scottish National Heritage Survey. (See Downloads Section)

For further information on Lunar Energy, tidal power, the LTT and the environment please see our full Environment section on the website.

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