‘Lunar Energy
is offering qualifying investors an opportunity to invest in a new and revolutionary technology which will produce reliable, low cost electricity from the earth’s natural tidal systems’






A management team that have a proven track record of bringing concepts and ideas to commercial profitability – with particular emphasis on the energy and renewable energy markets.

William M Law

Commercial Executive Chairman

As chairman and majority shareholder, Mr Law is responsible for Lunar Energy’s strategy and Lunar Energy’s relationship with Rotech. Mr Law founded Energy Power Resources (EPR) in 1997. EPR grew rapidly to become the leading renewable energy generator in the UK through a series of strategic acquisitions culminating in a balanced portfolio of generating technologies and fuel types, which included wind, biomass and small hydro. This growth was financed in part by an investment by Electra Partners, the private equity firm. In addition, in the early 1990’s, Mr Law developed the site for a 680MW gas powered power station that was later sold to Scottish Hydro-Electric plc and Norweb plc.Mr Law has held a number of directorships and built several businesses, one of which he took to flotation, becoming its Executive Chairman. He is also currently chairman and controlling shareholder of CP Group Limited, a family company involved in property financing, investments and property development.

Niels M Nielsen

Overseas Commercial Manager

Mr Nielsen has a BSc in Civil Engineering from St. Andrews University as well as an MSc, DIC in Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering from Imperial College, London and an MPH in Public Health Engineering from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He has accumulated over 40 years of experience in ocean energy, hydropower and dam engineering and published over 50 documents & papers relating to his field of expertise. Mr Nielsen has had a close involvement with many aspects of wave, tidal and wind energy resource assessment as well as risk assessment of sustainable technologies. He has technical responsibility within Lunar for the selection of resources and sites in the Far East, South East Asia, North and South America. He is responsible for identifying prospective relationships and negotiating such commercial arrangements / partnerships.

Claire Wright
Company Secretary

Mrs Wright qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant in 1997.  She has gained a wide breadth of experience working in practice, manufacturing and service industries.  Mrs Wright also spent 7 years as a non-executive director within the NHS before joining Lunar Energy as its Company Secretary.


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